SimpleTimer max number

Hi all,

I have 12 functions which I need to get called through SimpleTimer.
I know that the max number of a simpleTimer is 10, but thought that if I define an additional timer I will be able to add 10 more intervals. However, it looks like adding a new timer (e.g. timer2) doesn’t work as I am still getting 10 timers to work while the other 2 timers are being ignored. I know I might be able to combine some of the functions, but prefer to keep them separate if possible. Below is the relevant part of the code:

  SimpleTimer timer; 
  SimpleTimer timer1;

  and in void setup() I have the following:

  timer.setInterval(5000L, sendTempToGraphBlynk);
  timer.setInterval(7500L, sendPHToGraphBlynk);
  timer.setInterval(2000L, updatePinState);
  timer.setInterval(3000L, temperatureConroller);
  timer.setInterval(1500L, temperatureConrollerStatusUpdate);
  timer.setInterval(8500L, pHtempCompensation);
  timer.setInterval(6300L, tempAlarm);
  timer.setInterval(4300L, pHAlarm);
  timer.setInterval(86400000L, stabilityReport);
  timer.setInterval(10000L, AutoTopOff);
  timer1.setInterval(2700L, floodDetector);
  timer1.setInterval(5200L, floodPrevention);

do you have and in loop()?

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I had in the loop, but not so just added that. Thought the runs all the timers (which obviously doesn’t make sense). It’s fixed now. Thanks so much for continued help.

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