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I am using ESP8266 connected to blynk. I am using a widget that logs the data of my temperature sensor. The question is, Can this widget log the data of my temperature sensor even its not connected to my device where I am executing blynk app? I am going to school everyday so it will be disconnected to my esp8266, can it still log the data?

It’s not the widget that logs the data, it’s the Blynk server.
Your ESP collects the data and pushes it out to the Blynk server. This happens constantly, whether the app is connected to the server or not.

When you open the app on your phone, it talks to the Blynk server, not to your ESP device, so can see the data that that has been pushed out to the server.

So, the simple answer is yes.


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Are you asking if the 8266 can log data with no internet and push it to Blynk when it connects? I might be possible for the 8266 to collect a small amount of data but, when it pushes to the server it would only have 1 time stamp I’m guessing.