Simple question (using virtual pins to transfer data)

I don’t have a board yet but I going to get one, I just would like some guidance before I jump in. My project involves reading force sensors. Basically I need to to manage signals from multiple load cells, do a bunch of calculations/data manipulation, be able to capture and store user input and display both the user input and the calculations back through the app. I think the blink app is great for something like this and I have an approach to do the sensor capture (SparkFun OpenScale) and the calculations but I don’t understand how to capture user input, store it and display it back in the app. I see the Virtual pin capability but it doesn’t seem to allow persistence of the data. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



All data you send via virtual pins is persisted automatically.

Once you have some hardware to experiment with, check out the Sketch Builder (link at top right of this page) for examples that will help make Blynk operation and commands clearer. Hands on experience is your best teacher.

Also, the Help Center (link also at top right) has many good resources like this one, about virtual pins: