Simple Chart asking for upgrade

I am on ‘plus’ but simple chart is now asking for an upgrade?? I have simple chart working on another device.

Simple Chart is part of a Pro Widgets Pack which is available for Pro plan only.
We’ll update the Pricing | Blynk IoT Platform page shortly to include the new Simple Chart widget there and we’ll name widgets available for Plus plan as Plus Widgets Pack, as they now differ.
Sorry for confusion.

I and no doubt others am hoping this is not the start of a reduction in widgets that we already have with our ’plus’ subscription. For example the simple chart was available with ‘plus’ now it isn’t.

I think you’ll find that Simple Chart was previously in Beta.

It seems that when widgets come out of Beta that are places 8n a subscription category, and Simple Chart has been placed in the new Pro category.

That’s based on these comments about a different widget…


Understood, however I fail to see the relevance of a widget like simple chart being available to pro only. Surely the benefits of pro are the enterprise structures or widgets/functions that use a lot of cloud? Or is it a marketing tool adding value for the pro users by having more widgets?

I am a massive fan of Blynk and have been a ‘maker’ user for years so please take my comments as constructive.