Sigfox Blynk App


I use Blynk as “cloud” for my Sigfox, and it works fine!
The Sigfox backend server sends data every 12 minuttes to Blynk where I via the App can see the last dataset.
Sigfox backend sends timestamp in a Unix format (Seconds since 01-01-1970 00:00:00)
Can anybody help me how to get this time presented in a human readable format on a Widget.
There are - as far as I now - no possibility to format data at the backend server.

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Please could you explain how you send data from sigfox to blynk?

Sigfox has a backend configuration, see attachement.

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Hi KHz
Can you give more information on how you split the 12 bytes to Blynk, Please

how to write “Url pattern” in sigfox?