Show ip & mac in blynk app

Hello to every blynk fan people…

I am using that wonderful tool almost 5 months and works great.
Now I am trying to display in blynk app the IP Address and MAC, that ESP8266 standalone sends.
The Value Display widget show only values with 5 characters.
The LCD widget show only values with 16 characters but MAC Address is 17 chars.

Is there a way to display that long data?
Please advice

Split the MAC over 2 rows of the 16 character per row LCD.

Or make it scroll along slowly, that’s possible too :slight_smile:

@oldnick what about terminal? Look like it is exactly what you need.

@Dmitriy terminal is gruesome :smile:

I will try terminal that I have never use untill now.
The LCD is not enough for my project. I need to display IP, MAC, S/N of 2 devices…

Any othe idea?

Go with LCD at SimpleTimer intervals.

Why? I like it. Also I implemented it :grinning:

Terminal for now the only option for displaying a lot of data.

@Dmitriy I used the terminal for a while but at my age with poor eyesight and small phone screens it wasn’t pleasant. Good for passing variables to the hardware though.

I send lots of data to the LCD and it takes a bit of doing but with a bit of thought and SimpleTimer you can read ‘War and Peace’ on the large text LCD. :smile:

I have just test terminal.
1st problem
When you reopen the app blynk and reconnect to server it clears the data from terminal !!!

2nd problem
I want auto display the data. Not every time the user type the correct command


Clear screen in terminal command does not support in blynk.
How I can clear it?