Sharing with existing user - estimated time

Quick question.
I have seen the “sharing hardware access with existing user” will be available in future in several threads. Just curious if you guys have an estimate of when it will be. Nothing precise, just if it is weeks months or years :slight_smile:

Just to know whether to wait or find another solution for my problem.


Not clear on your question… MCU hardware is already sharable between multiple App users in a few different ways…

Use-Only Sharing.

Or as multiple users logging into App with same account info, giving each full simultaneous control over the same project/MCU.

@Gunner I see I didn’t specify clearly. But it’s use only share I’m thinking of. Right now you can’t share use only access to a logged in user. And the docs tells it will be available in future. Im just curious how long “future” might be :grinning:

I see… well, “not yet supported” and “available in the future” are somewhat different in their implications, but I digress :slight_smile:

Another person would need to install Blynk app and scan QR code from the login screen (scanning from existing profile is not yet supported) ;

Until the Developers do make that determination, just have your other users log out… Or even try app cloning as the similar issue of multiple shared projects (without login) has come up and could be a temporary workaround.

Hello. We don’t have the answer for you. Right now we are implementing this for our business client. Will this appear in Blynk? I don’t know.

Thank you for the answer. Just out of curiosity how will it work in business client? since i have some ideas that might someday end up in some kind of a business model.

You provide us with requirements, we get back with an offer that includes specsc, timeframe and budget.

You confirm - we develop. Easy :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer. I know that part is quite simple :slight_smile: but actually my question was more specific for Dmitriy’s answer regarding implementing “sharing read-only to logged in user” in the business-model. How is that part working in a business model? Hope my question makes sense.

In business model, every device is assigned to Organization.
Every user can be also assigned to Organization based on permissions given by admin.