Sharing Project

Ever since I attempted to share my project on my wife’s phone, it has stopped working altogether.

I turned sharing off, updated the Blynk library and also the latest app on my Iphone.

I tried new authorizations and verified my hardware is OK by loading a simple program to turn an LED on and off. The hardware (ESP8266 “Sparkfun Thing”) shows up on my wireless router when powered up, so I’m pretty sure the hardware and wireless is OK.

Any suggestions?


it has stopped working altogether.

Could you please provide more details? What exactly you did on wife’s phone? What has stopped working? What messages do you see, etc.

At first, I switched 'sharing" on on my phone, hit “generate link” and shared that with my wife’s phone via a message. I could not get the Blynk app on my wife’s phone to read the image (see post to Pavel on May 30). The Blynk app attempts to take a picture, and I have no way of printing the link image.

Giving up on this approach, I decided to just create a new project on my wife’s phone, identical to the original. I got the new authorization token (on her phone) and put it into the code on the ESP8266. I could not get this to work at all.

Subsequently, I put the original auth token back into the code to get it to work again with my phone, but with no luck. I then refreshed the code and tried again. Still no luck.

I get no error messages. Routinely, I get a message saying “ESP8266 is offline” when I first activate the project, but it acts the same when the ESP8266 is powered or not powered, so it really doesn’t tell you anything.

Any simple test I can run to verify that my phone is connected to the Blynk server and also that my ESP8266 is connected to the server?

Thanks for your help.

You don’t have to print an image…

  1. Go to the qr code page in your project
  2. On your wife’s phone - download Blynk. DON’T LOG IN. Or log out if she was logged in. There is a qr icon on the login screen - let your wife scan the code.
  3. In your project press PLAY button
  4. Your wife should see your project

I will try this if I ever get the project to work on my own phone.

Any thoughts on what else I might try there?

Any way to verify my app is connecting to your server?

Any way to verify my ESP8266 is connected to your server?

How would I delete the project from Blynk and start over?



Did you read this ? It may help.

I don’t think that deleting the project will solve the problem. However you can do it in the Project settings - scroll down to find a Delete button.

We have very little details about your setup to help you. Describe the problem, post your code, try serial output for debugging - post the output

Hello previous blynk app version can share the project using url and but now only qr code is possible.
What if the other mobile device you need to share to is on another country? how is it possible to share??

Do dashboards shared via QR code generate a unique token, or do they replicate the original token?

I’ve been asked to share a QR code for my HVAC / thermostat project. While I’m happy to share the code if it helps someone to more easily reproduce my work, I don’t want share the token, and inadvertently give a stranger control of my hardware.


but it gives control of your hardware. That’s the point of sharing =)

@chrome1000 you need to clone the project not share it. People might ask if you can share the QR code but generally they don’t want to control your hardware.

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