Sharing Project with different Token and Restrict Access to Modify

Sharing Project has two options:

a) Shared access to your hardware
b) Share your Project configuration

Share your Project Configuration is like cloning a project with a different Token. The thing is that when the user logs in, he has access to the full configuration and can modifiy the project. Is it possible to restrict the access to modify the project ?


where are these 2 options? if my remember correctly, there are no souch options.

if you share a project, the slaves can use it, but they can’t modify.

It is in the documentation

In one of the options he can modify, because it is like another project, with different token, but it looks the same as the original.
The thing is i don’t want him to be able to modify the widget by mistake…

ah, i see what you mean. in the docs it is not very correct, because actually one is sharing and one is cloning. they are very different.

i do not know souch an option to clone with “read only”. but i think he can not modify the widget by accident, because for that he has to stop the project first.

Yes I know he cant truly modify by accident, but sometimes the like to see what are the porpuse of different buttons, widget box, etc and the some problem comes…

well, thats not necesarry a problem. thats curiosity :slight_smile:

unless the project won’t control a nuclear silo, it is not too bad. DON’T PUSH THE RED BUTTON!

2nd user can NOT modify or even view the inner workings of a Share (that’s NOT it’s purpose… it’s more like a “Hey see what this can do” remote demonstration.

And 2nd user can NOT be restricted with a Clone, as you are basically giving a copy of the “code”… no NDA or “take backsies”. (it also used to be a universal way of Backing up & Restoring projects).

Aside from literally demonstrating all the workings with others “looking over your shoulder”, those are the only two “sharing” options available.


In the end it’s like when the IT Manager in a company gives you a computer with Windows but he doesnt give you the Admin password.
I want to give someone a temperature logging device made with Nodemcu + Blynk, but I dont want to give him the Admin password…

That is called a Published App… This is the “free” development side of Blynk :wink:

OK. I understand now. It is possible but it is a business feature. Thanks.