Sharing does not work


Here my problem, I made a simple application using Blynk on my smartphone (samsung s7 edge) and I shared it with my wife who has download the Blynk app but it does not work. The message is “Test app is stopped by the author”. I tried twice without success. How I can solve this problem? Thanks

Has the author of the project stopped it in the original app?

Thanks for your response. I am the author and I did not stopped the program. When I use the Blynk app with my account it works well. All seem ok I do not understand.

What system do you use to establish if your project, as the author, is still running when your wife tries to use the shared version?

Ok so definitevely I do not understand, now the sharing is ok and I changed nothing :-S !! Maybe a story of delay… I don’t knowThanks for your reply. I use rasbian pixel on a raspberry pi 3. Thanks again!!