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I need some guidance on how to set-up my project.

Project: Garage door monitoring
Hardware: I am using Adafruit Huzzeh-wifi (ESP8266 based) .
Software: Local Blynk server installed Last week on Pi 3 B+.

All is working great on my Andriod phone. I have setup notifications and SMS (via email) for events like “Garage door open”, “Garage door left open for over 10mins”, “Garage door left open at Night” etc. etc

My questions is regarding alerts and SMSs. After I share my project with my wife, is there a way to enable / disable certain notifications by her?

For example, I want notification every-time garage door opens, whereas my wife may only want notification if “garage door is left open at night.”

How do I design it so that when I share my project each user can enable/disable alerts from available list of alerts?

Thank you.

Sharing doesn’t work that way… it is a simple read-only share of the entire project.

Giving each user full login access will work better, but what one changes will still affect all others.

You might want to segregate users into tabs and use code to differentiate different display & control widgets between the tabs?

Lots of different ways, but probably heavy on the coding.

PS, notifications go out to all phone devices using same project… no differentiating there AFAIK

Take a look at Pushover. I gives a way of pushing messages to mobile devices and its easy to choose which device(s) get which category of message.
You can trigger a pushover message from an email, or by using an API call from your code.


Thanks. I will take a look.

Thanks. I was hoping that using eventor and email widget, each user can customize SMS triggers…

If you are not using Blynk notify, then I you can have independent “notifications” via email and possibly SMS (I have never used SMS with Blynk… is it even avail?), but for proper control of who gets what notification, you should gravitate from Eventor (which is more for relatively simple App controlled “code free” applications) to proper coded routines in your device which will give you much more flexibility with separate email addresses and control logic.

Yeah…I agree with you. I was hoping to avoid it, but looks like it is not possible.
As for SMS, I am doing it via email (


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