Sharing Access to Hardware: Specifying which user/phone for one project


Have a door lock project that I need to share access to other users so they can lock/unlock the door, using one Auth token. Is there a way to find out who locked/unlocked the door? Currently, I have Blynk.notify to let me know the action and state of the door. Since we are all using the same Auth token, is it possible to specify the user?


Yes if you write the code.

Allocate each user a pin number and a lookup table that ties pins to usernames.

Hi Costas,

Is there a sample code available?

Thank you!

@thongkopunit I haven’t seen any specific code but pseudo:

Terminal widget, user enters pin, BlynkTimer (not timer widget) removes pin 5s later so other shared users don’t have access.

Each widget code checks pins:

BLYNK_WRITE(V1){  // button / slider widget etc
  if(TerminalStringPinNumber == "3456"){
  // case statements for all other users / pin numbers
     // do something
    Blynk.notify("Mary opened the door");

Thanks again, Costas.

Is there a way to request a username/password when sending the QR code to share hardware with others? And have it stored in memory so every time that specific user does anything on the app, there will be notification with their name on it. Instead of having to type username/password every use. Trying to see if there’s a way to make it more convenient.

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@thongkopunit I have moved this thread to the ideas section as username / password is not something that is currently available but sounds like it could be useful.

@pavel and @Dmitriy there will be some projects that are built that want to share hardware rather than each user having their own hardware. Some way of identifying the shared users would be quite useful.


@thongkopunit I’m just wondering if you could make use of the Email widget but I guess shared projects don’t allow users access to the widget to enter their details.

I guess we’ll just have to make what you suggested in the beginning work. =)

Sure it will be useful. However. at the moment this is a lot of effort for low profit :slight_smile:.

You could increase the Energy requirement for users that want this feature but I guess you are right that there’s not too much demand for this from the majority of Blynkers.

@thongkopunit have you got a few thousand doors and tens of thousands of users :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the responses @Dmitriy and @Costas.

@Costas at the moment, no but the concept is for a larger scale. This is for my capstone/senior project. :slight_smile:

I’m having almost the exact same issue here.(see link below) i want to share acces to my project but i need to be able to give/revoke acces without having to reprogram the hardware. It would be great if there was some user control over the shared function. i.e. Sharing to all or sharing to specific users.

@Dmitriy I do not entirely agrre that its low profit. Since every user who shares a project will benefit from it. Right now as far as i know, you dont know who have access to your project (except that you know who you shared the link to). If someone got acces to the project without your knowledge, you would not be able to tell since its all or no one.

The way i see it is sharing the link to your project like now with an option to specify Blynk usersnames that are allowed acces to the project.
I hope you will concider this again since i think this is more than just a “nice feature”.

But if all things was like i thought, batteries would not need recharging :smiley:

(Smart Door lock - Handling users)

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As you stated in your topic, let’s please keep further posting about it over there… This is all the same forum, seen by the same people, and while referencing other topics is perfectly fine, having posts regarding one user’s issue, spread across multiple topics, gets confusing.

Thank you.