Shared project tiny url not working again


after the latest android app update (2.15.2), i shared a project but the link is not working again, only the qr. cloud server, android 6.

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Hm, I’ll check, it’s possible that we’ll release a fix to several issue on the next days.

but, if the problem is because tinyurl guys always change the characters encoding, wouldn’t be better to implement your own url shortener on the cloud server? or why are these problems occur so often??

Yep, it’s seems that we had fixed encoding issue not in all places, but in future we’ll simplify share support, in the same way as with the clone in a nearest build.

also, in the last days i observed strange terminal behaviour: lots of times the terminal prints sent from the hw, didn’t showed up on the widget. normally, when i restart a device, it should send a startup message to the terminal after blynk connected and rtc is synced. but this not always happens…

i have a terminal hooked up to a device selector widget, and 14 esp devices. when i select a device from device selector, the messages not always appear on the terminal. i even tried to delete and re add the terminal, and restarted the app, but it didn’t helped.

Could you check this build for both issues and send log if they reproduce: