Shared Access / QR Scan Never Stops Loading


So, i’ve been using Blynk with my own Local Server (VM on Azure Cloud) for a while now, with everything working perfectly. Now, a week ago i migrated to another VM, copied my data folder and started the server with all my projects exactly the way they were, but i have a problem, the phones to which i had shared my projects wouldn’t reconnect. I tried refreshing the QR Code and connecting with the new one, but it doesnt work, it just keeps loading, with the 3 dots circling non stop… But, funny thing, if i scan the QR with an app like QR Scan, the link obtained: blynk://token/proj… has all the correct data, and if i click on it the Blynk opens and the project loads correctly, that is, until i restart the Blynk App and we go back to the 3 dots circling…

So far, i’ve made a tinyurl shortcut to the url: blynk:// etc… but, it is obviously not a solution…

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?


Blynk Local Server: v0.41.4 - Java 11 - Debian 9
Blynk App: Latest - iOS / Android, different versions

Well, problem found. It had to do with the port in use, i had changed it from 9443 to 8443. Everything was working ok, except for the issue mentioned above… I just went back to 9443 and now everything is working perfectly…

I still would like it if i could change the port without breaking anything though…


In theory you should be able to make it almost whatever you want… but it has to match in the Server, App and router settings.