Shared access - Home screen shortcut name

I Have start just some days ago with the Blynk app.
Working Great , and was finishing one project for my Neightbour.

I have made a Home screenshortcut on my Phone , and give it a new name so this means i see on my
phone the icon with the name under it , insteat of Blynk. So far so good

After that i Shared access wih my Neightbour , but there the BLYNC named icon comes back , but the protected app is other wise ok.

Can i do not have the app with the home screen shortcut on my Neightbour phone ?
Has this to do that you first have to install the standard app , and then share the link or scan the QR code ?

Sorry for my bad english

O i think i fixed myself ,

I install it new on the other phone , login with my account made a Home screen shortcut
After that i scan the QR code , now it is ok.

Great :slight_smile:

Happy programming year to all Programmers !

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