Shared Access failed, lost 2000 Energy :(

Hi guys, I’ve created some smart home stuff using Blynk (thank you for this nice solution) on my Samsung Device. After that I’ve tried to share the “App” with my wife. When she scanned the QR code, her iPhone tells: myAPPName is not longer available, sorry. Here I lost 1000 Points sh… :scream:. After that I was so stupid and tried it again, the same error and the same situation, 1000 energy point are gone :sob:.
Can you help me to deal with this problem? I want to get it running on both phones, Samsung and iPhone. Ok I could look for one new wife which would also love a Samsung, but my WiFi is OK except (i don’t know why) she prefer an iPhone.
Are they some other users who got the same problems?


This means your project is not active. You need to activate it ( press PLAY button) and everything will be fine.

Not a problem. Just give me your login name and I’ll restore your energy.

First of all thx for restoring the energy points. We (my Wife and I) tried it yesterday again, while the app was in run mode on my Samsung and ESP was online. Unfortunately the same sh… :frowning: We tried to use 1 day before generated QR. How long the QR Code will stay valid?

I have an idea for improvement:
User can generate and share the code without to loose the energy points. As soon the other scan this and activate the shared app, the point shall go.

Until you refresh it.

Do you use latest Blynk app versions? Are you sure you are using sharing correctly and it is not cloning?

Yes both versions are uptodate, just installed this weak on my Samsung S5 and her iPhone6 and this was my first Blynk project. When my wife scans the QR code, the project name is recognized but her Blynk says the project is not available, even the app is in run mode and works on my phone. She didn’t create an account, just installed the app and tried to scan the QR code. It’s not a cloned project but rather a shared one.

Could you please share this QR code with so I could check it is working for me?

@af_bln does your wife and you using same internet/wifi/3g provider?

We use the same WiFi at home but we have different mobile phone provider.