“shared access” - device offline

Good afternoon!
When I turn on the “shared access” in my project, another Blynk user gains access to my project. But! This user has no information when the device is offline! That is, the application works as if there is a connection with the device and everything is ok, but in fact this is not so …
I can’t find any widget or tool so that the application can be seen when the device is offline.

Check if “Do not show offline notifications” setting is turned on in the project settings.

If still the issue, please send us details and logs from About screen within the app.

The option “Do not show offline notifications” in the project settings is enabled.
It seems you misunderstood my question …
The problem is not that the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS do not come - with this, everything is OK. The problem is that there is no icon at the top that indicates that the device is offline, and besides this icon there is no other tool to understand that the device is offline at the moment.ф

Right, I see what you mean - there is no offline indicator in the navigation bar.

To ease the issue, you can turn off the “Do not show offline notifications” setting, so that each time a message is sent to the offline hardware, a little “device is offline” alert pops up.
(It works this way on iOS, not sure about Android though).

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Thank you, I know that this can be done.
But the question was precisely about some signal or widget on the screen, which would CONSTANTLY show that the device is offline.
Blynk has no plans to add this feature in the near future?
Now I think that I will solve the problem by adding the current device operation time to the screen and by changing this time I will see whether the device is online or offline. But I think that such a tool would be very useful not only to me but also to other Blynk users …


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