Share mobile dashboard

I’m not clear on one thing. With the legacy app, you can share a project, but with the new app will you be able to share the mobile dashboard? If so, how?

Hey there, read this :

So every user that shares my device has to make their own mobile dashboard?

What makes you think that?


I just asked if we can share mobile dashboards. Share might not have been the right word, but I didn’t know how to have every user have the same mobile dashboard design. The template doesn’t dictate how the mobile dashboard looks, so I didn’t think the mobile
dashboard was transferable.

Maybe you should re-read the article that is linked, and maybe try it for yourself.


I read it a few times. There is nothing that outright says the mobile dashboard, the actual mobile interface one user has set up can be transferred to another user. I know this is a different animal than the legacy app so I wanted to make sure it worked. Especially since doing so in the old app cost money to do it, do I wanted to be certain. I don’t have a way of trying it myself at the moment, so I asked the question. I realize how many questions you answer in a day, but
I’m just trying to work things out until I can get to one of my other mobile devices.

Create a free email address and invite your new email to be a user.
Log-in to the app as your new user and you’ll see exactly how it works.
There is no cost attached to this, other than the user limit attached to your plan.


Also the web dashboard is a copy of yours… Only the theme color is set to standard white but can be set to dark. If you give the other only user rights the web dashboard is not adjustable by the user.

A good point, but I thought it good to be thorough and try it on a clean install. While I’m still new to this platform, I didn’t know what in the new app was stored on the device. I’m not trying to argue, I just wanted to explain why I asked the question and where the confusion came from.

None of the dashboard info.

I’m not trying to be difficult here, but you haven’t said what level of subscription you have, and what type of access you want your user to have. I have a Pro account which works differently when sharing, so by far the best way to do this is as I described, then you’ll be best placed to support the person who you are trying to share with, and you’ll be fully aware of the capabilities that this user has in relation to your project.


Ok. On a plus account the mobile dashboard does show up on the other device just as it did on the first one. By chance is there to add pages to the web dashboard on the plus account or if it’s even possible on higher tier subscriptions?

It does on all plans, but user permissions can be changed in the Pro account, and you can create sub-organisations, which restrict user access.

I’m not sure what you mean by “add pages” can you elaborate?


Right sorry. I was hoping to be able to separate the charts from the gauges and buttons. I was hoping there was a way to divide that up into separate layouts

On the web dashboard?


Ohh I didn’t see that I’m sorry.