Share device view with only some users?


I’m developing a dashboard to help me monitor an experiment ongoing in 3 countries within my PhD thesis. I’m going to need to give dashboard acess to each team so they can also monitor the experiment ongoing in their laboratory, but at the moment this appears to give them acess to all the devices I own, how can I restrict their acess to a specific device?
I could only allow them to see the devices with the View organization devices right, which, since I can only have one organization created, ends up giving them acess to all my devices. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.
Cheers, Luís Pereira.

You should create sub-organisations for each laboratory.

Yes, I read that on the documentation, but the pro mode is out of question for now.
Let me ask another thing please, is there a way to fully transfer a device and the template it is associated to, to another blynk a count? I know you can transfer it between users, but what about different blynk accounts?
Thank you.
Cheers, Luis Pereira.

Hi. You can share/transfer devices only between common organization’s member.

No. But that’s in the plans as part of “template publishing” feature. With template publishing any user within blynk will be able to provision/add the devices based on your template.

That’s good to know. Looking forward to it.
Thank you.

Cheers, Luís Pereira.

Hi, I would like to recall again the issue with the device sharing with certain users. For us with Blynk plus subscription it’s necessary to manage somehow the organization’s devices access rights, as sub-organization creation is not the case for the plus subscription. It would be reasonable for plus subscribers to have a limitted access rights management, because currently all devices developed by such category developers are exposed publicly to all organization members. We’d appreciate to provide “plus” subcriptions even with limitted access to users’ rights management for this reason. What is the plan for this?

There are some issues with default set of permissions which will be fixed in early 2023. However, in Plus plan, all devices will most likely stay visible to all organization members as it’s a common “private use” scenario. Also, there is no plan to enable permission management for a Plus plan.

To eliminate further discussions on this topic: we observe certain platform abuse by businesses who register multiple free or plus accounts to avoid signing up for PRO plan. Enabling the permission management on PLUS will only make this abuse worse.