Share design / project with end user

I just build a project to measure the temperature of an industrial fridge. My questions are:

  1. How to share the User Interface to the customer without giving him rights to modify or edit them? With the formerly Blynk App they was the possibility to share a project like:

  2. How to send an email / and or a notification to an address if the temperature raises certain value
    For both cases I browsed the documentation of Blink 2.0, did a search with Google but couldn’t find a valid answer.
    I plan to move to a paid option if I can solve both issues.

Many thanks in advance, Alfredo

Hey there.

You will specify this in the permissions, you need a pro plan to use roles and permissions.

You can use blynk.logevent or automation

Hi John93, many thanks for your quick answer! I supposed that the administration of user has to do with the sharing of devices / projects. Unfortunately they isn’t any practical example on how to implement this.
In short:

  1. A customer needs a device.
  2. I build a solution around a device
  3. I create a user with the customer information ( name, Email…) with user rights
    And now? how do I share with him the device so he can control it with the mobile App?

Regarding the Email sending I followed a couple of examples on Youtube about his on the new Blynk platform but without any success.
Hope you can help me a little more.
With my best regards, Alfredo

Hi John93, I was able to share the project and send Emails. Many thanks for your help!
I believe that a couple of tutorials on YouTube would help a lot.
I suddenly did not receive any more Emails. Some people said that you can only send 100 mails a day without specifying for which plan. I sent less than 100 mails and stop to receive them on the free plan. Do you know if there is a limitation on the amount of mail you can send for a free and paid plan?
Many thinks and best regards