Setproperty on IOS with Menu widget

Dear all,
I have put code in my NodeMCU to connect with Blynk and used the setproperty functionality with the menuwidget.
I have reported earlier that this is not working properly but now I have the evidence it is in the APP of IOS

On the android it is working perfectly and on the IOS it is failing to update the menu items.

I dynamically fill the menu items and reorder them through the code. I have 4 buttons on the BLynk interface doing this and again on Android it refreshes correctly with every pushbutton, but on the iOS, it is not

If you can not reproduce this, I can send in the code I am using (Using the latest 0.43 lib from Blynk and on iOS the latest released app (is up to date)

Thanks for the report.
I’ll check this and report back.

Yep, there is a bug with updating labels property. Fixed in upcoming update.

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Please provide sketch, if you can.