Setproperty Label in Menu widget not working on IOS

Dear All,
With the latest update a lot of bugs were fixed on the setproperty field, however I am still having on problem

I am calling from my hardware the following

Blynk.setProperty(V8,"label", "Dubbel 1");
Blynk.setProperty(V9,"label", "Dubbel 2");

These are calls to Menu widgets. I have filled the menuwidgets with items but I want to change the label of the widget. On iOS the first widget label is changed, however the other stays as it was (does not change)

I have checked this with Android and there I see the same behavior.
What I also see on iOS app, is that the first menu widget is filling up with items directly and then it waits for a second , and then the other 4 menu widgets are filled. There is no delay in the code and I don’t see this behavior on Android

Try use simple code to check it. Looks like trouble in the sketch.
For me work ok:

Dear Roma,

I see that 6 menus update are doing ok but the 7th , 8th , 9th and 10th menu do not work.
It is due to connection timeout.
I had to put a lot of in my code to overcome this problem.
Now it is fixed

Your issue is presents. Try use some timeout between send Set.Property command.