Servo & Stepper Ramblings

@Gunner I purchased four ESP32’s a few weeks ago and they actually have 3 cores. The third co-processor is rarely mentioned because its Ultra Low Power(ULP) but it does have 3 cores. :slight_smile:

Expressif created a simple OS for the ESP32(like a low power version of Linux), I’ve been trying to get my head around it because it utilises all the cores. Not much success so far but I’m trying.

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Ditto :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have any servo motors and/or those 4 pin RGB LEDS kicking around?

I plan on posting some simple code for controlling both from the ESP32 soon.

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Actually I do, four of them. Two are packed up ready for posting … :wink:

Yes, got the Gyro working too. Made a very sensitive alarm.
I hoped to create some sort of simple telemetry for track days but that’s been shelved, not within my reach, yet.

Those are actually stepper motors… so I guess I will soon be able to rig up some example code for those as well.

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Learning all the time I am … :grin:

Servo motors, like the ones in this thing?
Not sure my lads will be too impressed when they find it half dismantled … :joy:

Yes, that might use a servo for the steering… Go ahead… they won’t miss a little steering control, just wire it to go in circles :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, moved our rambling out of that other users need help topic :wink:

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There’s two, upgraded high torque ones but my eldest son caught me tinkering. Told me not to touch it as I’d mess up the tuning. He’s put the box in his bedroom on top of his wardrobe. :joy:
Looks like I’ll have to buy some … :smirk:

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