I’ve been having issues with the Node-Red BLYNK node - reliability - it stops occasionally - and the designer came back to me and suggested I increase the default user.message.quota.limit.

So I created the file “” and put it in the same directory as the local blynk server. I ensured it was in Linux format (using Notepad++) and put one line in it.


Just that line with return on the end.
I note in the logs this…

07:25:35.185 INFO - hardware joined.
07:25:35.190 INFO - hardware joined.
07:26:56.900 INFO - Using data dir ‘/var/blynk’
07:27:04.904 ERROR - Error parsing file ‘/var/blynk/’.

Why is it doing this??

This is because file in same folder with user profile files (-dataDir flag), that not supposed to be.

Sorry – I didn’t quite follow that – I put the file in the same directory as the server file as it says in the instructions. Clearly it knows it is there or there would be no error instruction?


in case in same folder as you specify in -dataDir than error is expected. But you may ignore it. As it has no effects.