Server Files on Raspberry Pi

Hey Blynkers!

Since iOS 10 came out I was wondering if I could make Siri control my Blynk projects. I found the Homebridge libraries for my Raspberry. which should connect the Raspberry to apple Homekit, which should connect Homekit to Blynk.

I never really tried setting up a local Blynk server, so this is my first time on that. I’ve got the server running, but i cannot login on it because it needs some files. The, etc. These are not on my Raspberry. Do I need to create them by myself? Which ones do i need? What should they contain? So many questions!

I hope someone can help me!
Many thanks,

Bas Peter

Hello. You don’t need anything. All you need is just run jar file as stated in getting started -

Yes i did that, i think.
when i enter

java -jar server-0.18.1.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk

and try to login on the server from my Phone, it says:
‘incorrect email or password. Try again’

then the blynk.log states:

ATTENTION. Certificate /home/pi and key /home/pi paths not falid… blahblahblah User not refistered.

What am i doing wrong?

Bas Peter

@BasPeter Press ‘Create new account’, and on the next page, above the green 'Sign up" box, there’s an icon. Press it. switch the slider to ‘Custom’ , and enter the ip address that has been assigned to your raspberry pi (you can see this in router settings) or you can find it from your pi with a couple google searches. Put that number in, leave the port number, and create a new account as you normally would. Your cloud acct won’t work here. Boom.

@BasPeter you didn’t create account on local server. So you have to create it.

Thanks guys!

I didnt know i had to do that

Have a nice day!

Bas Peter :grin: