Separate One Joystick into Two joysticks

Hi ! So I’m trying to make an RC car but my RC car is not a Tank … so it doesn’t have the both forward with one joystick type of function. Instead it has a steering like a regular car. So when I use the joystick is steers and drives at the same time either forward or backwards. Is impossible to drive in a straight line with this.

Can someone tell me how do I Separate the one joystick into two ? Please ? I have a very basic code I got from a website and the hardware is a NodeMCU esp8266 and a motor shield. There’s two motors in the car. It should be really easy to just have one joystick for one motor and another joystick for the other one.

My number is +1 (213) 465-0095 text me for a quick reply. If you manage to make it work then I will compensate you via PayPal for your time. Thank you.