Sent a QR code to share my projects but scan fails

I have created a project on Android phone and am now trying to share it with my family (iPhones).
Generated a QR code but the scanning of this always fails.
What could be the problem?

What is the Blynk app version you use on iOS an Android?
I’ve just tried. Works fine.
You’ve started the particular app on your Android after scanning the QR on the iPhone?

The Android version was downloaded a week ago v 2.27.0 and the iPhone version downloaded today.
And yes, i started the app before trying to scan the QR code.

Sure, but that was not my question :wink:

The scanning of the QR code produced by the Android phone always fails on iPhone.

@ThomasB Are you using local blynk server or a public Blynk Cloud?


You may send me a QR via private message to check it out.

Thanks Eugene. It now works like a charm.
Great work with Blynk. Looking forward to the updated version.

Hi there @Eugene,
I have encountered the very same issue as @ThomasB.
I created a project that works great on my android phone running Blynk Version: 2.27.0. I have shared the project but when my wife attempts to read the QR code with her iPhone, the message “Not a valid QR code” appears in red at the bottom of the QR code read screen. Blynk version on the iPhone is latest (downloaded yesterday 02Dec2018).
Any help on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance,

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