Sending Mutiple DS18B20 data wireless via ESP8266 to an Arduino connected with Blynk

Hi there,

I’m new here, Allard is my name, I’m from the Netherlands.

I want to send data of two Dallas temperature sensors wireless to an Arduino connected to Blynk.

I have some questions:

  • A. I have seen it is possible to have more then one ESP8266’s in one project for sending data to the Blynk platform… but is it also possible to send mutiple sensor data via an ESP8266 to an Arduino ( which is already connected via ESP8266 to Blynk)? and how?

-B. What ESP8266 flash version is the best way to connect with for a project like this,

    1. ESP8266 NodeCMU
    1. ESP8266 AT version
    1. ESP8266 Mycropython

-C. What are the differences and Pre’s and Don’t’s of -B.?

-D. Is it possible to combine / monitor sensor data from two differend Blynk projects of my own into one view? and how?

Thanks in advance,


Lot’s of well thought-out questions! Welcome to the board :slight_smile:

A: it depends, mostly on how things are setup. I’m thinking you are using the Arduino with the ESP as a shield, correct? In that case the receiving/sending device is the Arduino, so you could mess about a bit with virtual pins and send/receive data that way.

B: I would suggest to use the ESP in standalone mode. The connection between the Arduino and the ESP is at best unreliable. There are very nice solutions for this. The one I personally prefer is the Wemos D1 Mini (wether it be the Pro or regular ones). This has an onboard USB<>Serial adapter and can be programmed directly from the Arduino IDE, has more memory, all in all, much better. And you won’t have to deal with the nasty serial connections :smiley:

C: well, I told you a bit about that in B al ready, lol

D: yes it is. If you look at the history graph, it has a CSV export feature which you can use to export the data and do whatever you want with it.