Sending email with Blynk

Is this example still working?

I tried it without any success… or only valid for legacy Blynk?

Is the only solution then trough notification?
[Notifications (Alerts) - Blynk Documentation ]

this is for Blynk 2.0. Should work, if it doesn’t, please provide examples of how to use the code.

Is the only solution then trough notification?

You can create events. And sent email by trigger events

In Notification tab of event you can add you email

Thanks. Indeed through notification. It was much easier with legacy blynk!

How can I send a variable in the body of the email?
It seems I can only have “fixed” notification?

Just include the variable like “temp” in the example?
"Blynk.logEvent(“event_code”, String("High TemperatureDetected! Tº: ") + temp);"d?
Can the variable be a string? Size limited?


Value can be string type. Probably 300 symbols