Sending email when motion detected

You can’t even place 3 email widgets :smile:
One is enough. It just lets our server know that you will use emails

I plan on building a project that will be used by many people. They will all monitor conditions that are unique to them. If I understand the local server doc, I can change the frequency of the emails and generate tokens. So, then each person should be able to have their own token to connect to the local server and receive email messages. Which I would think I could create the messages in the server and just point each instance of the project to the correct message as it is called for.

Hope that makes sense! :confused:

I think right now it’s not a trivial task.
We are implementing app sharing with other people, so we will think about handling use cases like this.

Thanks for telling us. How many users will be using this app, BTW?

Right now I do not know how many people. I am still in the process of building the project. My issues are that all messaging services (twilio, temboo, thingspeak) all place limits on the amount and frequency of calls. For instance, Temboo only allows 250 calls a month on the free account. I have no clue if that will be enough or not (no crystal ball here) or twitter has restrictions on how often you can post messages to their system. I understand why there are restrictions, I am not complaining. I am just trying to find the best solution available. So, if I could build local server and have Blynk work like it does now with blynk server and remove the restriction of 1 call per minute (which may or may not be enough), I would look at doing that. Hope that is explained well. Anyway, I estimate having several hundred users for my project. Time will tell! :grin:

@baga I am trying to use email notification. Did you need to download the server for email notifcation?

@dina You are asking a question in a thread that is over a year old!.. please don’t do that.

No, you do not need your own Local Server for email, Cloud Server will work just fine.

Check these out and open a new thread with any further questions. Thank you.

Thank you for providing the example @Gunner
Sorry. I am asking in this thread since its under the email subject.

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