Sending data between BLYNK app and PIC microcontroller via ESP8266

I am new in BLYNK2.0
I have this project which has one PIC microcontroller which collect data from some sensors and send commands to a few relais.
I need that the blynk app receive data from the PIC microcontroller about the sensors and send some settings to the PIC microcontroller.
So, I need to send to the blynk app a string with 25-27 bytes with data and the blynk app send another string with data for settings.
I intend to use ESP8266 connected to a wi-fi router which has internet connection;
The PIC microcontroller will be connected with the ESP8266 via UART.
pls advise.
thank you.

I’d suggest that you look at some of the ESP8266 sketch builder example to see how to send data to Blynk via Blynk.virtualWrite() and receive data via BLYNK_WRITE().
Once you’ve done this then you’ll need to work out how to send the data to your PIC.

I’d recommend that you don’t use hardware COM port for this, as you’ll lose debugging ability. Instead, I’d use SoftwareSerial for the ESP to PIC comms.
Also, don’t clutter-up your void loop or use blocking while loops or delays.


Thank you Pete, I’ll do that.