Send / receive text

I have two projects that would benefit from the ability to send/receive text as well as pin values.

Example 1: simple led matrix text scroller - would be nice to be able to set the message with a text input box.

Example 2: pet status - measures various 9-axis input data to determine what pet is doing. The ESP does all the processing and works out the status (e.g. Sleeping, moving around, running, spinning in circles, sitting, rolling on back). Would be nice to be able to send that calculated state as a string to Blynk…

We already have Terminal Widget on Android, which is capable of sending text. But we will think about your idea as well. Thanks!

Hi Pavel,

Allow me to add some weight to this feature request as this is what I also would like to see in the future.

The LED widget is often too small to display a whole word as lable. The ability of adding a simple text field (variable length?) next to it might be useful too.

However the feature, as requested, to receive (and send) to a textbox widget would be really nice!!
I’m using my Arduino Ethernet as an aggregator for several other Arduinos via RF (I’ll share my project to soon to the community). My only option is to use a lot of virtual pins and LED widget to keep track of events (each pin/led is a state/event).


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