Selector switch

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I need to control old fan it has selector switch , When one switch is pressed (ON) another switch released ( OFF)

I need four selector switch

Can Blynk app has such switch

Please advice

You could use a Segmented Switch widget, or you could make your own using four Button or Styled Button widgets and handle the logic with some simple code.


Dear Pete Thanks for the reply

I think Segmented Switch maybe suitable


Yes… My first step is succeed by the help of Pete

Now I need to turn OFF the Fan withing 30 minutes and turn ON again 30 minutes and so on
How should I combine Segmented switch and timer
Please advice

Search this forum for “Timeout Timer” and you’ll see some examples.


I tried but could not find the such information

long variableTime = 1000; // default interval time of 1 second
int varTimer;  // Setup Timeout Timer ID 
BLYNK_WRITE(V0) { // Widget for interval timing
  variableTime = param.asInt();
  if (variableTime <= 0) { // prevents a timer from becoming 0 or less
    variableTime = 1;
  timerLoop();  // Call your timed loop

void timerLoop() {
  timer.deleteTimer(varTimer);  // Cancel previous Timeout Timer
  //  Do your stuff here every (variableTime) seconds
  varTimer = timer.setTimeout(variableTime, timerLoop);  // Set new Timeout timer

By @Gunner

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