Select or Limit devices with users -

Hi everione,

I have my profile with 3 devices already working. I want to include one user as staff, in order he can only view the app, not modify, but I just want to give him access to one device. It is possible to limit the acces to the devices to the different users?.
In the other hand, can I create several organizations with one account?

The key bit of information that you’ve omitted is what level of Blynk subscription you have.


Plus plan

Not unless you upgrade to the PRO plan.

This is done either via sub-organisations (in the PRO plan) or by transferring ownership of the device to the user (within your Blynk IoT account).

Unfortunately, the default permissions for the Staff role (which can’t be changed unless you have a Pro subscription) gives a user with that role the ability to control and edit not only owned devices but organisational devices too.

So, if you need anything other than the out of the box permissions functionality then you’ll need a PRO subscription.