Security Over WiFi

To Whom It May Concern:

I have created a prototype and plan on using my Blynk app to show customers what they can do and possibly into final production. I had someone ask me yesterday day, “How do I know that this thing is secure?”. How do I answer this question? I am assuming that when the published app is in range of a wifi it will prompt the user for login information, giving the WiFi enabled prototype to connect to their sever. This would give them the ability to connect to the prototype from anywhere they have internet access on their phone and at the same time the prototype remains connected to their wifi network at home.

So how do I answer the question: “How do I know that this thing is secure?” I am using a ESP8266 if that helps.

Thanks for your time!

Daniel Kitchen

Hello. Good question. Mostly answer depends on your setup.

Some info is present here -
In general, if you have the local server it is fully secured (if you secured your local network good enough). If you using Blynk Cloud you have to use secured connection between hardware and server. However, ESP8266 is not suited well for that goal (requires much more power and coding efforts).
App always use SSL/TLS for server connection.