Second auth token

Hi, I’m very beginner.
So sorry for my ignorance, but I have a question.

I have a RaspberryPi that has Blynk in it. The first auth token was able to be registered.
And I want to register second or new one.
Then, I execute following code.
sudo /blynk --token=[second token]
It runs well while blynk is active. But before send ctrl+C, it doesn’t.

I apologize my unskilled English. Please help me.

Are you referring to running multiple client sketches on the RPi? This is totally doable as the RPi has better multithreading capabilities then an ESP or Arduino. I run a server and have three different sketches running on mine, two Python and one NodeJS.

However you do need to start each one separately and according to Linux rules if you want them to keep running in the background after closing the CLI. One way is to follow the command with a & that starts the script in it’s own thread (as I understand the process).


sudo /blynk --<token> &

sudo /blynk --<secondtoken> &

Now you can exit the CLI and both will stay running in the background.

Thank you very much for your quick and precise answer!
It runs expectedly to add a “&” as you said.
I will learn more and more.