Script within the app (e.g. for notification)

First, love Blynk, using it daily for more than a year and have never had any issues.

I built an energy monitor/manager as part of smart house, demand power optimizer, etc.

I use Arduino and have a couple of notifications.

However, instead of updating the code for a new notification, I would like the abilitiy within the Blynk app.

So a use case. I measure 16 channels, one of them being the barn. Now and then the kids forget to turn off the lights. Consumption is about 2kW, so quite alot of money over time if neglected.

So, I want a notification e.g. “barn power consumtion in has been >1kW for 4h”.

I can do that in Arduino, which I already have for other notifications, but I have to code it, update the HW, not a big problem, but it would be so much easier to have this ability within the app, since the data is already there.

So what is needed is a script within the app that makes the calculation and ability to send a notification.

Think it would be a good feature.

Are you using IOS? I think Android has something like this called eventor. Haven’t played with it at all for two reasons. 1 I’m an iOS user and 2 I prefer hard coding it but something you could look into if you use a Driod.