Scheduler table widget

A schedule table widget with the possibility of add multiple start / stop times with a overlapping control alert of them. For example a multi timer for irrigation, heating, air conditioning, pets feeder, up down blinds, awnings etc…

Scheduler is called Time input in Blynk. Depending on what you want to do, you can also use Eventor.

Time input can only accept one schedule per widget and you have to implement by program his control, and Eventor does not allow to compare the value of a virtual pin with another virtual pin.

You’re right, but it’s possible to use multiple Time input widgets to obtain full functionality you want. For example:

+1 for full-featured scheduler widget!

It should allow:

  1. user-editable time intervals with overlap check, with each interval allowing different output value;
  2. at least two sets of time intervals with day of week selection (e.g. to allow different schedules for weekdays/weekends);

@spirit have you check Eventor widget and it’s Time events? Should fit most of the needs I think. (implemented only on Android)

you can also store scheduler data into a multidimensional array !
I design my scheduler with Excel to have a wysiwyg of my scheduler and I “translate” it into an Arduino multidimensional array.
this method can be used to store a Google calendar with all events.
I am working on.
have a good day.

Storing data or setting up a Eventor is not a problem. The problem is providing a nice and easy-to-use UI for the user which would do at least basic error checking like overlapping periods.

Check out Danfoss Eco app, I like how they implemented their weekly scheduler UI:
(scroll down the page, there are several screenshots)

That is a proprietary App that does only one thing… Blynk is a multi-functional IoT App with GUI that is meant for general purpose IoT App development. So much more going on under the hood… and a lot more effort involved by the developers for each new idea they chose to work on.

Eventor will work for most non coding purposes, or you can code up something totally custom on your own with Time Input, displays, sliders, etc… Just like a certain someone :wink: made and entire alpha/numeric keypad from existing Blynk components and code.

Like @uhlmul noted, scheduler is useful in many different scenarios and it would be nice to have a separate widget, but it’s up to you of course.

Not me, The Developers :wink:

This free development side already has a couple of scheduling options… but you can always have them (Blynk Developers) make you a custom feature…

Really nice UI! Simple and elegant. Thanks for posting a link.

I’m working on smth very similar, with an ability to set not only start/stop time, but also start/stop value


Is there an update of this widget? I am also need to enter different times at same day in time input widget like @uhlmul wants.