Saving last received value (string) for value display widgets and syncing purposes

Really don’t know if this idea has been previously proposed or not, but in my nice and tidy :slight_smile: little project this is the last thing I really miss.
What is it all about? I just need to save somewhere last calculated (could be received/sensed value as well) just in case of power failure. In this particular project it is the time counter for counting working hours of connected heater. Internally a value is converted to string “0000:00” and as such is sent to Blynk and displayed on value display widget. It would be great, if this value (the last received) could be stored on Blynk and during initial sync send back to device, where it could be easily converted back to numbers (and so on). I can’t find anything that is able to store and send back values other than slider, which is not an option in this case. Sure, there is eeprom, SPIFFS (in case of ESP, which IS) or external battery powered SPIRAM as options. But having constant connection to Internet, it would be much easier to sync it this way. Please consider this idea, or perhaps point me to other similar solution.


Implemented a long time ago with sync etc.

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And we even have separate examples for that :slight_smile: -

Thank You for instant replay! Being few months “out” i missed that. Will try “immediately”. Well, a work always “in progress” with Blynk Project! Great!