"Save Project" feature


Today I found empty project page in my phone. Application restart has no result, only device restart helped.
So let me guess application can have its config file corrupted. or your phone crashed. Or something else happened and you have to design all your settings again from the scratch.
Again, if you change mobile, you have to repeat design setup.

Its good and simple if you have just one button and one led. For my setup, its 17 leds, 6 buttons, and 8 text fields +slider). Not a big problem after all, but it will take a time to repeat.

So could we have “config export” feature? just to XML/text file, to be easily stored somewhere else or transferred to another device?
Might be useful i think.



all profiles are stored on server and on phone locally automatically. There could be some glitch with your setup - in that case we need to make investigation what went wrong. Ability to share/restore your profile on any other device is already planned. Thank you for your idea anyway =).

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It was the same with me.
had already set up the environment in Blynk and then the phone hung up because of insufficient battery, the templates had gone missing.