[same Thing] Please Help Me.. App Said "Your Arduino is Offline"

hmm… I making dust Measuring instrument But i connecting and i Do Open Script for

blynk-ser.bat -c COM2
for cmd and that said

``C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_986544\scripts>blynk-ser.bat -c COM2

And Type Enter 3time…And Result is

Connecting device at COM2 to blynk-cloud.com:8442...
OpenC0C("\\.\COM2", baud=9600, data=8, parity=no, stop=1) - OK.
Connect("blynk-cloud.com", "8442") - OK

He said But Blynk App Said Your Arduino Uno is offline
i tried for android and Iphone
and i Tried to mac
but always thay said Your Arduino Uno is offline

This is my Arduino Code

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#include <SPI.h>
 #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial SwSerial(2, 3); // RX, TX
#include <BlynkSimpleSerial.h>

int measurePin = 0; //Connect dust sensor to Arduino A0 pin
int ledPower = 2;   //Connect 3 led driver pins of dust sensor to Arduino D2
  char auth[] = "c0aea80f791849a48bd38f01e3fe1052";
int samplingTime = 280;
int deltaTime = 40;
int sleepTime = 9680;
float voMeasured = 0;
float calcVoltage = 0;
float dustDensity = 0;
  WidgetLCD lcd(V1);
void setup(){
 Serial.begin( 9600 );

  while (Blynk.connected() == false) {
void loop(){
  while (Blynk.connected() == false) {
  digitalWrite(ledPower,LOW); // power on the LED
  voMeasured = analogRead(measurePin); // read the dust valuev
  digitalWrite(ledPower,HIGH); // turn the LED off

  calcVoltage = voMeasured * (5.0 / 1024.0);

  dustDensity = 0.17 * calcVoltage - 0.1;

  lcd.clear(); //Use it to clear the LCD Widget
  lcd.print(4, 0, " - Dust Density: "); 
  lcd.print(4, 1, dustDensity); 
  Serial.print(" - Dust Density: ");
  Serial.println(dustDensity); // unit: mg/m3

And i Want to capture a Serial Monitor but Arduino Said “Port Busy”
Please Help ME (OTL)

For Korean
안녕하세요, 질문 한가지 올립니다…ㅠㅠ
제가 미세먼지 측정기를 만드는데 스크립트를 실행 해도 위와 같은 값 밖에 나오지 않아요…
아두이노 코드도 올렸구요… 그런데 시리얼 모니터를 올리고 싶은데 “PORT BUSY” 라는 말을 하구요… 어떻게 하신거죠…도와주세요!!

First off, you can’t open a serial port twice. It’s one of the limitations. You could implement a SoftSerial one though to put on for debugging purpose.

Second, avoid putting anything else in the main loop besides Blynk.run() and some sort of timer. Have a look at the PushData example in the Blynk library. It shows you how to use the SimpleTimer library to execute code at certain intervals. If you put too much stuff in the main loop() Blynk can’t connect anymore.