Same Sketch with 2 token

Goodmorning everyone,
I have a question to ask.
It would be possible to use two authentication tokens in the same sketch Arduino Mega 2560?

This feature, if possible, I’d need to overcome the obstacle of the single available page in the App, so I could have two separate pages. On the first page the managing of the lights and the second viewing of temperature, humidity and other parameters.

It awaits an anticipated thanks to all

Is that a question or a feature request?

Try to allocate your posts to the correct category and then we have some idea of the context.

Later I will explain the problem better.
Also I post the complete sketch and running.

See you later

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There are 4 pages available in the app, not one, but you can only have one token working at any one time.

You can have hundreds of tokens in the sketch for the Mega and with the Terminal widget switch to another token i.e. the Mega metamorphoses into another Project.

Good morning,
unfortunately I do not understand.
each token is associated with each project page.
New project, new token.
I need the same token was used for most projects.
Some idea ??

Thank you

Why, just take a look at Tabs widget

@macignolo perhaps provides details of what you want to do and then I can explain the “token trick”.

Thank you all.
I finally solved the problem with the tabs widget. I now have 4 pages with the same token.
I finally solved my problem.

Thanks again

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