Same label in application and LCD

is it possible to have the same, editable label, e.g. in the guage widget and on the lcd 2004 i2c? How to encode it so that after changing the name of the label, e.g. with v1, the displayed name will change to LCD 2004.

I think that what you’re asking is whether it’s possible to programmatically read the widget label.

If so, then I’m not aware of a way.

It is possible to use SetProperty to set the widget label, and if you did this then you can use that data for your physical LCD display.
If you needed to set that name from within the app then I suppose you could use the text input widget to do this.

If that’s not what you were asking then I think you need to elaborate.


How should I make it work? so far I have used this code
sensors.requestTemperatures(); Blynk.virtualWrite(0,temp1);
lcd.print("label1" ); lcd.print(temp1);

Can you explain what are you trying to achieve exactly ?

reads the temperature from the ds18b20 sensor. It has it on the LCD2004 i2c and in the Blynk application.
I would like the name to change to LCD when I change the name in the Application. It is possible?
For example, the widget is called temperature 1, it displays the value in Celsius, the same on the LCD. And then, if I change the name of the widget to temperature 2 in the application, the temperature will also be 2 on the LCD

As I explained, I don’t think it’s possible to programmatically read the widget label.

You’d need to be setting the label from the device, with a Blynk.setProperty command for you to be able to have the widget label name held in the app.

What is the reason for wanting to change the widget label anyway?