Same auth code for 2 nodemcus

What if i have 2 nodemcus and i code both with same auth token and use pin A0 of both nodemcu to read value then which of the value will appear in my blynk app value gauge?
Thanks alot in advance guys.

You can show both using Virtual Pins…
Every analog reading linked to different VPins.
A0 NodeMCU 1 linked (coded) to V0
A0 NodeMCU 2 linked to V1.

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I mean my frd, what if i coded both nodemcu A0 to V0?

Why would you do something like that?

I wanted to try for curious. I think it’ll give a deep understanding about how blynk works. Still my other nodemcu not arrived, Please help me my frd.

Would you drink from two different bottles of water at the same time? :wink:
If you feed the gauge from two different signals at the same time the result won’t be readable…


Curiosity killed the cat, my friend. At least once. Why would you do something completely irregular just to see if/how it works?

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Haha really made sense but what if i operate the sensor in different times then which will be readable?

Haha tthat’s crazy right! I’m curious to try. Tell me which sensor value will be readable?

It will randomly display what’s pushed first from both Node’s. But that’s not the point.

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Ah really. Thanks buddy. What u mean by that’s not the point?

Point is that Blynk is not designed to work that way. And there is no point in making violations when you can do things regular way. Using same auth key on two different devices can be useful sometimes, but should not be misused.

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Ah okay i understand clearly, thanks alot. So as like u said then how can i code for different virtual pins for my value display? Bz it’s easy to select the A0 option bz no code needed but when i wanted to select the virtual pins in the value gauge before that i need to code that virtual pin value in my code nah? So how to code that?

There is no way to do this with two nodemcu’s, as both of them has only one analogue port. If you have had A0 on NodeMCU1 and A1 on NodeMCU2, then it would be possible. With GPIO ports you can do this, for example you can have readings from two DTH sensors hooked up on two mcu’s sharing same auth key if they are connected to different GPIO’s.

I’m asking for my one nodemcu, here u can see in the picture i have selected the A0 pin. But i want to code it to select any Virtual pin.



Hey my frd thank u so much😃