Run void Loop() even if not connected to Blynk

Does anyone know how to can have my program still run even if it can’t connect to the Blynk server for some reason. I want to use the local functions of my program even when network connectivity is not possible.

Just do it :smile:
Maybe I don’t fully get it, so please tell us what is that you’re trying to achieve?

I have an ESP8266-01 attached to a string of neopixels and a few buttons to manual change the color. The problem seams to be if i can’t connect to wifi the code sits trying to connect to blink and never returns from the blink API calls. In my case the neopixels don’t even turn on unless my board is connected to blynk. I would like for my program to just ignore the inability to connect to the Blynk server and keep functioning standalone.

We have:

bool result = Blynk.connected();

So just write a code for what would happen in case Blynk.connected() == false

I tried something like that already and it still failed for me. I put this in my void loop()

if(Blynk.connected()) {; }

I think you should go the other way. If Blynk is not connected, than run the normal program.