Run regular code in parallel with blynk

Hey , I’m new to blynk and trying to make some home automation using Arduino, so till now I’m able to make relays turn on and off and change angle of servo … but my problem is how to run regular code in parallel to blynk, … as I have a person counting code which turns lights of room on and off but now I have connected Arduino with blynk via USB method how can I run that normal code ?

You don’t run Blynk in “parallel” to anything… it is essentially a full blown 3rd party IoT Library with App and Server components. And just like many libraries, it is a merger of “standard” Arduino (or C++) code and various library specific commands, routines, functions and formatting requirements…

Start off by working through the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder to learn what Blynk is and and how it works, then you will have a easier understanding on how to merge it in with your existing sketch.

Thank you very much @Gunner