RTSP Video stream not working in Blynk

Hi all,

Having some trouble with accessing the video stream.
I have tested the stream over and over again via vlc and pot player and the URL works perfectly in both.
The format I am using is rtsp://admin:password@12.345.678.999/live/h264/ch1

That is my external IP address and I have port forwarded 554 to the internal dvr address in my router’s port forward settings and everything seems to work as expected outside of the Blynk app. (Including VLC when away from home). Home upload speed is great.

In Blynk, the exact same address doesn’t work whether I am home or not.

Can anyone explain why it doesn’t work in Blynk?

You should try that, it works well for me with the last blynk beta release.

Also if you are a beta tester… this might sound weird but clear your data logs… This worked for me and I’ve read that it work for someone else as well.

This doesn’t work at all, either in vlc

I think you’ll need to elaborate, how do I do that exactly?

What version of the app are you using?


Firstly are you a blynk beta app user?