RTC is now 1 hour off with latest update

Just updated Blynk on my Android and IOS devices I’m using the RTC widget to report each time my sketch sends an update and show that time on my app. It was working fine until I updated to the latest. Mine is set to GMT -5.

Just iOS (known bug that has been fixed and waiting on Apple to publish) or also on Android?

I first discovered it on Android, then checked my iPhone. So both.

Yeap. iOs update came too early we didn’t expect Apple will review it in 1 day :slight_smile:. Please wait until Saturday for new server deploy. With it issue should be fixed. Sorry for inconveniences.

Does Android have a bug too @Dmitriy?

Yes. It have…

@Dmitriy RTC is ok with my Android as shown in Terminal windows time matching phone time in screenshot below. I changed RTC from +3 to +4 and back to +3 but I didn’t delete the RTC widget in between.

Is it Arduino IDE 1.6.11 bug or yours (I’m still on 1.6.9 as 10 and 11 are buggy, 10 more so than 11)?

If yours, how do I reproduce it?

m using 1.6.4 Arduino IDE. I’ve see the 1.6.10 issue discussed elsewhere (cant even compile). The code i have was compiled over a week ago using the latest Blynk for Arduino. It all changed when I updated Blynk on both my iPhone and Android devices. I checked them again and both are off by 5 hours (which happens to be my GMT time change. They should have shown 8AM and were showing 1PM. I had GMT -5 set on both as well. It is as if it was not being applied. What was odd is the history graph was showing the correct reported time.

I’m -7 and haven’t had any issues on Android with Blynk app 1.14.2.

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