Rtc has the world ended

Where is it(real time clock)… Just subscribed and in the process of painstakingly recreating all the complex mobile screens and with bad timing my local server fails with kernal errors.
I cant even retrieve the layout with the an export or scan image. Even worse the upgraded version doesn’t have all the widgets to make the conversion.
So disappointing…

On Blynk IoT / 2.0 the RTC is always ON ! No need a RTC widget like we used it on Blynk legacy.

If you are still on the legacy, then all the widgets and other functionalities remains the same. If you are in the process of moving projects to Blynk IoT then you will have to have a work around a bit.

If you are on the free plan, then you will be given widgets that comes under the free plan. If you need more widgets, then you will have to upgrade to plus or pro plans to get the full access to all the widgets and other features.

And also the Time input widget is replaced by Automations. But for now they have brought back the time input widget as well. But gradually that will be removed i guess.

So plan on automating things based on Automations(no coding required on hardware)