RTC + Arduino + ESP8266 problem

Hi guys,

I’m trying to implement real time clock widget, but it seems I can’t handle it. I’ve basically just combined the ESP soft serial example with the RTC example, but I cannot get the right time in the serial monitor (still receiving the beginning of UNIX time, 1. 1. 1970). It looks that the app doesn’t load data from the Blynk server, because the requestTimeSync function is not called.

(I’m using Arduino UNO and ESP8266, all necessary libraries are included to the project)

Thank you,

@Matt hello. That’s true. RTC not yet finished. (requires widget on App.)

@Pavel see? Give me icons :wink:!

I’m not really sure what do you mean by the widget - I have a simple button on virtual pin 5 in Blynk mobile app, as it is mentioned in the example, and if I understand it properly, time sync should be called after changing the value of this button, right?

@Matt we have an example available but the RTC widget is not ready yet, @Dmitriy is waiting for an icon from @Pavel so you can add it in the app.

Yeah, I get it now.
Well, I know I’m a bit impatient, but do you know when it’s supposed to be finished? :smiley:

You can now use RTC widget, in the latest library and App